Crowns and Veneers

Crowns and veneers are more beautiful and durable than ever before. Thanks to advances in technology and the development of new materials, we now use all-ceramic, metal-free dental crowns and bridges with our patients and have the confidence that they can last a lifetime.

Dr. Spencer is experienced at making crowns and veneers that both feel and look natural. He takes great pride in making sure that dental crowns and veneers fit not only the tooth they are going on but also the surrounding teeth. With our dental restorations, you will not even notice it is not your natural tooth!

Crowns and Veneers Are Beautiful

Dr. Spencer uses crowns and veneers to create beautiful smiles. Are you unhappy with the color, shape, or alignment of your natural teeth? If so, you may want to ask if crowns or veneers can be part of your solution.

Although crowns and veneers are similar, some differences exist. Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry technique where we bond a thin layer of ceramic to the lip surface of your front teeth. The advantage of veneers is that Dr. Spencer can make corrections to color, shape, and alignment of teeth using a minimal amount of tooth reshaping before bonding the veneer. Crowns are just as beautiful as veneers, but instead of bonding to just the outside surface of your teeth, crowns need to be prepared so that they can slide over the tooth. 

Dr. Spencer uses an incredibly skilled local dental technician for all veneers and crowns on front teeth. He does this to ensure that you are excited about the result of your new smile. If any adjustments need to be made to the veneers or crowns, the technician can easily and quickly make them before putting them on permanently.

Dental Crowns Can Help Save Teeth

Our mouths are a harsh environment, and teeth can become severely damaged.

Sometimes bacteria cause damage by forming cavities that destroy healthy tooth structure. When the cavity is small, we can repair it with a tooth-colored filling, but if the cavity is large, then Dr. Spencer may recommend a tooth crown.

Other times, you can accidentally cause damage by cracking or breaking your teeth while chewing. In both situations, crowns are the best treatment option because they rebuild the tooth, preserve the tooth's core structure that remains, and last longer under stress than large fillings do. If crowns are properly cared for, they can last a lifetime!

Come and See If Crowns, Veneers, or Dental Bridges Are Your Solution

Your unique situation will determine whether Dr. Spencer believes crowns, bridges, or veneers will be the best solution for you. Call to schedule a consultation or a new patient visit to have all of your questions answered!